Luboku Releases Stunning Full Length Live Performance of “Space Walk” Album

14 Dec 2020

Following on from the release of his acclaimed debut album SPACE WALK in October, Melbourne producer, songwriter and vocalist LUBOKU has unveiled a stunning full length live performance of SPACE WALK, filmed in Melbourne after an unprecedented lockdown period. Shot in Collingwood, the performance is a visual representation of the concept album which follows an astronaut’s journey into space and features PALE BLUE DOT PARTS 1 AND 2 and the album’s singles LIFT OFF, TWO HANDS, CIRCLES, LET YOU and SOLAR FLARE.

“The ‘Space Walk’ live video represents a visual journey of my debut album,” explains LUBOKU. “I had originally planned to take this conceptual show on the road, but it became clear that wasn’t going to be an option this year.  Just as we were about to film the live video in July, Victoria went into its second lockdown and the shoot was postponed indefinitely. It was a blow considering everything that had happened. But we kept our hopes up and eventually we were back on track. We shot this video the first week out of lockdown, and the whole crew were super energised as it was the first live show anyone had experienced in over eight months. We basically set up in this airplane hangar and attached an overhead camera about 12 meters high on the ceiling, creating this hyper-real birds’ eye shot. The view was wild, it really feels like a cosmic journey through the vast reaches of space and I’m stoked to be able to share this with the album.”

Imagine yourself, strapped inside a rocket looking out into the atmosphere. As you rehearse the motions that years of preparation have led to - suddenly there’s lift off. The array of emotions coursing through your body flood you with both fear and euphoria, excitement and anticipation. The apex of your career crystallises into this single moment: the life of an astronaut. This is the narrative that shapes SPACE WALK, the debut concept album from Melbourne's electronic wunderkind, LUBOKU.

In his most ambitious project yet, LUBOKU documents the journey of an astronaut, whose experiences, thoughts and feelings are captured during a once in a lifetime mission to outer space. As this character embarks on a journey into the cosmos, venturing ever further from the PALE BLUE DOT, their pursuit of the ‘other-worldly’ reveals the stark singularity of our planet, Earth.

In this way, Luboku aims to juxtapose what can be seen as one of humanity's greatest scientific exploits, with one of our most abysmal failures - the destruction of the only planet which has the capacity to sustain life, as we know it. In essence, the search for something greater at the peril of what we might already have.

SPACE WALK is a comment on how unjust the idea is of progress for progress sake. How damaging it is to always be wanting more. As you listen to this record, imagine it being the last human transmission from Earth playing on a tiny radio, drifting somewhere way out in the universe. A lost message, to whoever may find it.

With rave reviews of the album coming from The Sound on ABC TV, the Herald Sun, triple j Unearthed, Pilerats, Acid Stag, Futuremag Music and more, SPACE WALK is an incendiary debut from LUBOKU and affirms his position at the forefront of the electronic music scene in Australia. 

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