etcetc Artists Get Behind International Women's Day and Shout Out Emerging Talent

5 Mar 2020

In celebration of International Women's Day 2020, some of our etcetc female fam took a moment to reflect on the women they admire and are most inspired by, as well as hand-picked some of their favourite emerging female artists. 


San Mei - Cherry Days


San Mei played a staggering 45 shows in 2019, supporting the likes of K.Flay, Ali Barter, Kingswood, G.Flip, and Jack River, and is set to showcase at SXSW 2020 for a consecutive year ahead of the release of her new EP 'Cry' on March 20. 

Eliza & The Delusionals: I'm very proud of my fellow Gold Coaster; she is kicking so many goals right now and making incredible music. And keeping guitar songs alive! Her track 'Just Exist' is beautiful and gives me a nostalgic feeling, while it still feels fresh and exciting. 

Lola Scott: This girl is going to take over the world soon. Everything she does is executed with perfection and she's creating a really intriguing world. Her song 'Heaven Knows' has incredible melodies and makes me feel like I'm lost in a dream. 

Prettything: This is Bella from IV League's solo project and I'm a huge fan girl. I was at one of her shows recently and was blown away by the calibre of songwriting and her captivating stage presence. Her debut song 'Endless Blue' is gorgeous and haunting and I can't wait to hear more.

Austen: I love the mystery and dark edge to Austen's music and visuals. She's creating really strong, intriguing pop and it's consistent. I find her song 'Money' really addictive with its strong melodies and the world she creates in it. 

Ro: I love the depth to her songs and her charisma. I'm really drawn to the honesty in her song 'To Pretend' - it's vulnerable lyrically but the sweet melodies and groove make it feel bright and uplifting. 



DOOLIE is 21-year-old rising singer-songwriter riding high after a massive 12 months delivering fresh blends of mid-tempo pop/R&B with a collective of producers including GXNXVS, Cam Nacson, LO'99, Paces, POOLCLVB, plus more. Her latest anthem 'Only For A Night' is out now. 

Chymes: She just released a HUGE banger called 'GITY' and it just made me go wow, yes, repeat x 100. 

Sahara Beck: She just dropped her EP 'Queen Of Hearts' towards the end of last year, and everything is just amazing - the writing, the aesthetic, the visuals, and the production. 

Milan Ring: I have never felt more bad ass, than when I heard 'Say To Me' on the radio, the attitude, groove and empowerment you feel from this song, is enough to make me feel like I'm ready to break a boys heart because idgaf.

DVNA: It's so amazing when you find out a lot of women self produce their own tracks, and this lady just has so much vibe - I have no choice but to dance whenever she comes on, I'm so excited to see what she has for us this year. 

Sycco: 'Peacemaker' is such an easy gain and pretty song - I love the story line, and how effortless her vocals are, I just feel so at ease.



CLYPSO's energetic and unique live show has landed her national supports for the likes of PNAU, Channel Tres, and Art vs Science, as well as numerous iconic Australian festivals. Her latest singles 'D.Y.S. (Defend Your Situation)' and 'Sidestep' are both Triple J Most Played hits. 

Jennifer Loveless: Really love all the ambient textures in 'Tinnitus'. 

Okin Osan: Solid AF melodies and quirky lyrics, it’s like the beach boys meets the yeah yeah yeahs. 'You Tell, I’ll Listen' is just one of her many great songs.

Austen: Her song 'Anthem' transports me instantly, cue the smoke machines.

Wallace: 'Negroni Eyes' sounds as Negroni tastes. Love that piano sample.

Makeda: First track off her EP 'Me, First' is experimental with a hint of drum and bass. Saw her play at Soft centre in Sydney. 

etcetc label chicks


Front left to right: Sarah (Label & Marketing Coordinator), Anna (Director of Publicity & Promotions), Emma (Marketing Manager). 

Fluir: Nailing the juxtaposition of sultry vocals with infectious, punchy beats guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered, and free every time. 'Higher Ground' is our fave! 

Sarah Wolfe: Bursting onto the scene in late 2019, Sarah Wolfe is already making big waves with her sassy, yet emotive ballads. Her latest single 'U Think This Is A Game?' is everything you could ask for in a female power anthem. 

A.GIRL: 19 year old Western Sydney artist A.GIRL showcases R&B tinged vocals and hip hop leaning production across her three releases so far, with self assured songwriting particularly shining through on her 2019 breakthrough ‘Play’. This one has been on repeat!

Kota Banks: Australian / Italian artist Kota Banks is at the forefront of futuristic electronic pop, with sassy self-assured anthems her forte. After collaborating with the likes of Cashmere Cat, SOPHIE and Swick, she released a swag of bops across 2019, but her 2018 single ‘I’m It’ is the ultimate self-love soundtrack for your International Women’s Day.

Chymes: Encompassed by hallucinatory, yet captivating pop, with seductive vocals that will lure you in to her own intimate world. If Chymes' latest singles 'Sleepless' and 'GITY' are anything to go by, 2020 is set to be a pivotal year for the Central Coast singer-songwriter.


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