George Maple Announces 'MYTH' at the Sydney Opera House

10 Nov 2020

Australian-born Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer, George Maple announces the global premier of Myth — an immersive, multi-disciplinary digitre performance — screening in the prestigious Joan Sutherland Theatre of the iconic Sydney Opera House, December 9th. 

Traversing mediums of performance art, cinematography, music and 3D environments, Myth is a sensory digitre (digital-theatre) set piece engaging the audience in a 25 minute hyperreality. The overarching narrative follows an intimate love story between two characters, Luna played by Maple and Sol by Australian supermodel, Jordan Barrett which soon becomes fractured and abandoned. 

"I wrote the original treatment for Myth in March. It was first intended as a feature length screenplay, but as the storyline evolved I wanted to explore the complexity of the characters, set-design and cinematography in a depth which felt more at ease in a digital context," says George Maple. 

The musical score, written and performed entirely by George Maple, consists of six new song releases, Fade being the first single from the album to be released on November 10th. Fade sets the tone of the album with a distinct nod to Maple’s strong foothold in the arts, fashion and pop-culture and the converging of those disciplines. Like Maple, the central character, Luna is driven by desire and Fade is the effortless dissolve of preconceptions ahead of a new, engineered society. 

"Fade was the first song written on the album because it was at a time where I myself was going through a freefalling mode of hedonistic and indulgent escapism. Melodically, the beats and synths are inflections of the blood pumping through Luna’s veins, thumping and undulating, anchored by the storytelling vocals," describes Maple. 

Simplicity is one of Maple’s resounding notes on the album, in contrast to her earlier work which often felt incumbent with complex arrangements, layered vocals and recording multiple versions of songs. Maple fans will immediately recognise the striking vocals she’s world-renowned for, delivered with a raw and vulnerable texture. 

The albums debut single Fade will be followed by the second single The Hill, November 27th, and the Myth title feature Demise on December 9th. 

“The production has been rather serendipitous to be quite honest. As is often the case, the right people come into our lives at the right time — or vice versa. I chose to fly home when the pandemic hit in the United Sates and since landing back in Australia in May I’ve connected with the most inspiring creatives. Myth has been one of those happy accidents whereby COVID has actually incubated the process,” says Maple. 

On Wednesday, November 11th, Maple will perform a thirty minute live set at Opera Bar in Sydney as part of ARIA’s Great Southern Nights campaign supporting the music and hospitality industries. On Friday, November 13th, George Maple is the headline act at News Crops annual Bradfield 2020 culture event debuting her new single Fade to a strictly invitation-only audience under the stars at Luna Park, Sydney. 

George Maple first shot to fame in 2016 writing, producing and singing for Australian artists such as Flight Facilities, Hayden James, DJ Snake and Flume, later releasing her first solo album Lover (2017) which debuted at #2 on the national iTunes charts. 

Maple’s catalogue of music has received over 500 million Spotify streams, 20.3 million YouTube views, and 350,000 Shazam follows making her one of the worlds most relevant artists of contemporary culture. 



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