FAQ for PNAU x Nicholas Keays Crypto-Art Collectables

14 Jan 2021


Collection can be viewed at Future Art from 15-17th January 2021

Venue: 2 Oatley Road Paddington 2021 (Brazen Lot Studio, Paddington Town Hall)

MakersPlace will preview the collection from Monday 10AM, 18th January 2021 with an on sale date Sunday 9:30AM,  24th January 2021

Every digital creation available through MakersPlace is an authentic and truly unique digital creation, signed and issued by the creator — made possible by blockchain technology. Even if the digital creation is copied, it won't be the authentic and originally signed version.

What am I buying?

You're buying a limited edition digital creation, signed by Nicholas Keays in collaboration with PNAU. Upon purchase, you'll be given the right to use, distribute and display the creation for non-commercial purposes. Since you own this unique creation, you can also re-sell the same non-commercial use rights to the creation, on a secondary market or even directly on MakersPlace.

Upon purchase, you can access the high resolution digital file which you can display on any digital device. All the while, knowing that you have the authentic piece, verifiable on the blockchain. We also have an added bonus product to live alongside the digital piece - more will be announced in the coming days via MakersPlace & Future Art Exhibition.

Can I use my credit card/ FIAT currency instead of Ethereum/ crypto currency?

Yes, you can - when you purchase a digital creation with a credit card, MakersPlace provides the option for you to save your credit card information for future purchases. MakersPlace works with Stripe, a third-party payment gateway to manage your saved credit cards, which means that we never hold any payment information and your information is managed with the most stringent level of security. You can learn more here. If you wish to delete any of your saved credit cards, you can do so by going to your user settings page.

How do I store/ keep my digital collectable?

A digital wallet is software that manages your cryptocurrencies and also allows you to interact with blockchain technologies like Ethereum. MakersPlace uses your digital wallet to publish and sell your digital creations using the Ethereum blockchain.

All creators on MakersPlace are provided with a hosted digital wallet that is securely managed by MakersPlace using the highest grade security.

Your blockchain wallet is your ID on the Ethereum blockchain and is used to digitally sign all of your creations on MakersPlace. When joining MakersPlace, you have the option to use a personal digital wallet or use a MakersPlace-issued wallet that is managed by MakersPlace. If you have a personal wallet, we recommend using it. Learn more.

Purchases with Credit Card. If you purchased your digital creation with a credit card, then MakersPlace will have created a digital wallet for you to store your creation. You can view your creation by going to your collection in your profile.

Purchases with Ethereum. If you purchased your digital creation with Ethereum, your creation resides in your digital wallet. If you register with MakersPlace, you can view, showcase and share your creations with the world by connecting your Ethereum wallet. If you need to create a personal wallet, we recommend using MetaMask.

First step: Sign up and register with MakersPlace.

Follow this link to register & create your login: https://makersplace.com/register/ 

What is Future Art?

For the first time, immersive rare digital art show Future Art will take place in the belly of Sydney’s legendary Paddington Town Hall in January 2021. The 3-day event will showcase the best of the rising local and global crypto-art scene, which works using emerging blockchain powered NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which has seen art creators sell over $20 million during the last 12 months via marketplaces such as SuperRare and Rarible. The show will take the format of a multi-sensory walk through art experience, incorporating works by 20 of the world’s top digital artists, as well as keynote presentations from leading VR and AR artists 'Giant Swan' and 'Marco Matic,’ who will be painting and creating live “sculptures” whilst interacting with the audience. Combining HD projections, digital display frames and interactive VR, Future Art will highlight the exploding rare digital art space which is redefining art ownership with the use of blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

For more information visit: : www.futureart.io 

Any other questions - visit MakersPlace FAQs, they have everything covered.

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