Can You Guess What Some of Our etcetc Fam Have Been Bingeing On During Iso?

14 May 2020

As another week in isolation rolls by, it's safe to say we've all been scrambling to keep ourselves pre-occupied during our extra free-time. Junkee caught up with some of our etcetc fam, CLYPSO and San Mei, to see what they've been bingeing on during these unusual times. 

Latest Craze

CLYPSO - I love Rick Rubin's podcast 'Broken Record'. Particular faves are the interviews he's done with Andre 3000 and Pharrell. He's such a sage, his voice is so mellow and therapeutic, and there's a new one he's done with Kevin Parker. So I guess that's the most recent one I've listened to. It's nice to hear how normal people you admire are and getting insight into their creative process; they just do what they do in their own way. 

SAN MEI - I’ve actually been having a pretty productive time in isolation.  I've been having fun in demo land with my cute new fake Les Paul and more pedals than my skill level knows what to do with.

San Mei - demos

TV Shows

CLYPSO - I succumbed and watched 'Tiger King', and I'm not sure how to articulate what I feel about it, stranger than fiction for sure. 

SAN MEI - I’m currently obsessed with 'Westworld' — I’m a bit late to the party and only on season one but it’s got me hooked!


CLYPSO - There are quite a few records being released but it's been fun to listen to people who haven't released in a while and visiting their old discography after listening to their new one, like Fiona Apple and The Strokes. 

SAN MEI - Artists I’ve got on high rotation are Dream Wife, The Growlers, The Strokes, Tame Impala, The Horrors, Cherry Glazerr…I’m currently diving into Grimes' latest album Miss Anthropocene — I think she’s such a visionary and that kind of creativity that doesn’t follow the rules is really inspiring. That idea is something I feel like I can delve into right now when the usual distractions are gone and there’s not too much else to do but create.

Hear the latest from CLYPSO 'Down To The Wire' feat. RAAVE TAPES, and San Mei 'Cry' (EP).

Other News

San Mei x CLYPSO