Pnau - Control Your Body

25 Aug 2017



Pnau today announce news of their fifth studio album with the release of three tracks: "Into The Sky", "Young Melody" feat. Vera Blue, and "Control Your Body" - heralding with unmistakable conviction - Pnau are back.

"Control Your Body" opens with enigmatic instrumentation and vocals before settling into a deep rhythmic groove - a true acid workout and a nostalgic homage to the bands formative rave days. 

"Today we release three very special tracks from our forthcoming album Changa. The three songs traverse the aural journey which is Changa, coupled with what you've heard from us with "Chameleon" - Pnau

Changa is available to pre-order now.

‘Control Your Body’ is Pnau at its glitchy, quirky best – providing a hard hitting bassline with enough melodic development that you can get really engrossed in the deep layers of the track. - The Interns

'Control Your Body', is a relentless thumper with an addictive acid-house groove, giving us a heavy dose of nostalgia to their ravey earlier days. - Pilerats

Pnau (Control Your Body / Image)