Pnau is an Australian dance music duo originating from Sydney, Australia. The duo consists of musicians Nick Littlemore (vocals, production) and Peter Mayes (guitar, production) and newest memeber Sam Littlemore (brother of Nick and co-producer of Pnau's self-titled 2007 Album).[1] The group have achieved multiple successes throughout their career with their award-winning debut album Sambanova,[2][3] their widely acclaimed 2007 release Pnau.[4] Pnau is also recognized for their heavily publicized apprenticeship under musician Elton John, who signed the duo after listening to their record Pnau.[5] Several of Pnau's recent projects have featured John's involvement, such as Pnau's album Soft Universe[6] and an album featuring Pnau recreations of Elton John's hits called Good Morning to the Night.[7] Apart from being a member of Pnau, Littlemore also appears as one half of the band Empire of the Sun,[8][9][10] which has had multiple chart-topping singles.

With the release of “Chameleon”, the trio's first single in 4 years, Sam Littlemore (multi-ARIA Award-winning super producer) brings a wealth of new material into fruition. Having been involved as producer for their 2007 self-titled album, Sam is an integral part of PNAU, all genetics aside. The single "Chameleon" also welcomes the addition of Kira Devine, previously a dancer and back-up singer for Ms. Lauryn Hill on vocals bringing a new and electrifying layer to the band’s vision for 2016.

To know PNAU is to know that their creative process cannot be bundled into just one song. This remix explores the boundaries of "Chameleon" courtesy of some of the world most prolific DJs.