Holiday Sidewinder - Into The Universe

23 Apr 2021

Holiday Sidewinder


Acclaimed Australian artist Holiday Sidewinder delves into a psychedelic dream world to reveal her new single ‘Into The Universe’, written and produced with collaborator Nick Littlemore (Empire of The Sun/PNAU) and Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Billy Jay Stein. ‘Into The Universe’ is taken from Holiday Sidewinder’s forthcoming album Face Of God, to be released on Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ Lab78 label on May 21st.


“Into The Universe is a pre-apocalyptic interstellar, psychedelic piece about the power of love and kindness,” explains Sidewinder. “Or whatever you make of it. The lyrics are an extrapolation of Nick Littlemore’s hand scribbled poems that I found in his notebooks. Maybe it’s the hope for place we both long to be; torn between the future, present and the past.”


Sidewinder’s upcoming album was written over five days from Littlemore’s home studio in Hollywood and would be produced over the following year bringing the concept album to life. Interlacing disco, nu-wave, and indie-rock, the warm, meditative textures of Face Of God sits comfortably alongside celebrated art-rock contemporaries Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and Yo La Tengo.


On working with Sidewinder, Nick Littlemore said, “I’ve been working with Holiday Sidewinder since she was 15 years old. At the time she was fronting Bridezilla, a cult band that went on to grace some of the coolest stages in the world. Holiday is an artist redefining “cool” on her own terms; she doesn’t play any games or follow a typical path. To all that are fortunate enough to meet her or witness her performing they are left changed, swept up by her effortless warmth and power.”


Holiday Sidewinder was brought up in a colourful family with eccentric individuals, entrenched in the entertainment industry. From the age of five, she knew that showbiz was for her. "I think because song-writing was something my mother and grandfather did, I thought that was just a normal part of life." Her earliest inspirations include Tina Turner, Grace Jones, Betty Davis, Prince, Madonna, Britney Spears and her own mother. Fronting the ‘precociously talented’ Bridezilla as a teen upstart, the band’s debut LP The First Dance was named as one of Rolling Stone’s albums of the year, and Sidewinder had already played alongside the likes of Nick Cave, Sia (who *fun fact* used to be her babysitter), The Flaming Lips and John Cale all before she was of legal age to drink a tequila sunrise.


Relocating to London at 21, Sidewinder worked with legendary producer Mike Chapman (Blondie/Tina Turner) on her first solo single ‘Carousel’ – praised by UK music press as “completely demented and extremely brilliant” (Pop Justice), “immaculately produced and thrillingly new” (Clash).


Since then Holiday has been touring the globe, playing over 150 shows in Alex Cameron’s live band, performing on stage with The Killers in stadiums across Europe and America (including New York’s famed Madison Square Garden) and supported British band The Feeling in theatres across the UK, after her first sold out European solo tour.


‘Into The Universe’ is just a taste of the transcendent album Holiday Sidewinder and Nick Littlemore have created together.