Dual Manner - Breathe In Breathe Out

23 Jun 2023

Dual Manner


Melbourne electronic duo Dual Manner have released their euphoric new track ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’.  The emotionally charged single is the third track to come from the pair this year, following singles ‘Start Again’ and ‘Take Me Home’. Dual Manner's continued dedication to exploring new sonic territories, shines through in the new single, blending their signature dark dance sound with powerful vocal melodies.  

Speaking on the story behind the track, Dual Manner say, “Breathe In Breathe Out is about the feelings of self doubt, anxiety and the inner dialogue you should have with yourself when those feelings hit. When we wrote the lyrics out we wanted them to come across as conversational or as if someone was talking to themselves. Reassuring them that it's going to be ok.“

They continue, “Stylistically we didn't really have anything similar in mind to frame it with or any direct inspirations. But the song started with just the vocal and the chord progression. From there the song really started to take shape when I programmed the drums by chopping up an 70s break beat but elevating it to the style of the electronica tracks you would hear half way through an Anjunadeep mix.”

With a stunning collection of work under their belt, Dual Manner have hit the ground running since their formation in 2019. Singer/songwriter TJ, from a small country town in the high country of Victoria, worked as a carpenter and busker, while Bryce, an accomplished jazz bass player, is also a self-taught music producer and mixing engineer. Both skills combine to craft the unique song writing

and sound of Dual Manner.

Currently completing their first EP, Dual Manner are pushing forward their melancholic techno sound towards a more contemporary soundboard of rave and hard dance which is exciting a rebellion of young dance fans globally.

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