DOOLIE - My Cue To Leave feat. PNK FME

6 Nov 2020



DOOLIE Delivers Sassy New Single 'My Cue To Leave' feat. PNK FME

Rapidly rising Gold Coast singer-songwriter DOOLIE (Doolie Shadforth) today delivers an infectiously unapologetic single ‘My Cue To Leave’ via etcetc Music. Building on her signature style of down tempo R&B and electronica, DOOLIE is joined by Adelaide producer and singer-songwriter PNK FME for a contrasting male perspective, with Gold Coast producer PACES jumping on board on production duties.

‘My Cue To Leave’ is a testament to the inevitable power struggle between head and heart, which is a familiar feeling to most. “It’s all about lying to yourself, convincing yourself you’re not hurt when you are.” shares DOOLIE. “You knew it was the right decision, but your heart still hurts a lot. Stepping away from something that you care about a lot is hard, even if it’s for the best.”

Aligning with PACES and PNK FNE, DOOLIE explains the mechanics of how ‘My Cue To Leave’ came together. “I produced a hella rough demo playing around with some prod, we all really liked it, it just needed some good finessing, so we got Paces to make it all nice and pretty and he did not disappoint. To fully complete the song, I wanted to have another side to the story, a bit of conflict, so we reached out to PNK FME and what he added was just so raw and full of emotions which I loved!”

Playing the role of the male counterpart, PNK FME says, “Working with DOOLIE was super unique! Even though we were working remotely thanks to COVID, I loved every second of it. It was like stepping into another world where everything came together and clicked in unison.”

Having connected with a tight crew of notable producers including Kilter, Moonbase, GXNXVS, Cam Nacson, ALIUS, Paces and POOLCLVB on her recent debut album, ‘hope u like my mixtape’, it’s been a flourishing 12 months in and out of the studio for DOOLIE, most recently jumping on stage with Illy to perform his hits ‘Papercuts’ and ‘Catch 22’ as part of Channel Ten’s Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Fronting a compelling catalogue of releases, DOOLIE has become a mouthpiece for millennial romance with her sharp and playful lyrics, delivering a fresh blend of mid-tempo pop/R&B with a dramatic edge, most recently putting her in a finalist position for the Gold Coast Music Awards’ inaugural Gold Coast Music Prize, as well as the People’s Choice Award. Her impressive live performance has further established her presence, seeing her take the stage at festivals like Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival and Big Pineapple.


DOOLIE - My Cue To Leave feat. PNK FME