f you aren't already familiar with the name Palais, you can bet your favourite producers are. This genre-defying artist is a firm favourite of those in the know and his impeccable production style and obvious wide range of musical influences makes the Palais sound easily recognisable but difficult to define.

A Perth native, Palais (aka Jeremy Smith) knows how to build an interesting and nuanced track with elements of hip hop, house and electronica melded to create a sound that is very much his signature. This is something that hasn't gone unnoticed, with his last two releases (Can't Stop, Too Young) clocking half a million spins each on Spotify and receiving support from DJ Craze, Malente (aka Claptone), Vanilla Ace and Justin Martin.

Looking forward, 2017 sees Palais return to the world after many months crafting his new EP 'Apolis'. While all the vocal collaborators on Apolis are also from Perth, the EP as a whole was more of a mobile affair with tracks developed in planes, hotel rooms, and Palais' favourite place to work - the library. A DIY affair, Jeremy recorded vocals, mixed the EP and worked on the artwork with a graphic designer friend - a testament to the hands-on approach of this talented young producer.

Palais flits effortlessly between danceable club jams and evocative electronica with an ease and maturity that is rare to find and hard to forget. 

Palais (Artist/press shot 2017)